Your Favorite 2015 Upward Home Posts

Upward Home

We have identified the posts that you read the most in 2015. From digging deeper into the story behind C3 Design to learning that Ultra Affluents are looking for luxury in items that have “excellent design” rather than “exclusiveness”, we have learned a lot. We will continue to deliver you great content in 2016 too.

Here are the winners of the top five posts of 2015 for you to read, again. Enjoy!

1. The (Modular) High-End Home Brand is Here (ready story here)
2. The Elusive and Mysterious Ultra High Net Worth Consumer (ready story here)
3. Another Smart Way to Segment Affluent Consumers (ready story here)
4. Good, Better, Best for High–End Home Brands (ready story here)
5. How ‘Luxury’ is Evolving for High-End Home Brands (ready story here)