Micro Influencers, Major Results.

Find the right social media influencer for your high-end home brand


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Luxury brands have been slow to embrace the power of social media. Many are worried it will hurt the integrity and exclusiveness of their image. But by aligning with a social media influencer in your high-end home niche, you could witness substantial sales conversions.
Social media influencers don’t have to be celebrities – in fact, most aren’t. “Micro influencers” are individuals who’ve built up a huge following in a niche market via social media. Their “influence” is vast and they operate as brand ambassadors, promoting products to their online communities.

“MuseFind, an influencer platform, found that 92% of consumers trust a micro influencer’s recommendation over a celebrity endorsement or a television advert.”

Context is everything. Don’t choose an influencer with the highest number of followers. You are looking for relevance. Does the personality profile of the influencers match your high-end home brand? How often does the influencer engage with their followers? Look at the number of “likes”, shares and frequency of comments.
The ideal number of followers your influencer should have is between 10,000-100,000. Their specific buyer group aligns with their ethos, resulting in better market segmentation. Their followers believe they are providing authentic promotions of products. Often these influencers will promote a product they love for free because it speaks to their passion. 

“A McKinsey Study reported that word-of-mouth (marketing inspired) generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising.”

In order to seek out an influencer, do your research. Use social media monitoring to find out who is already promoting your brand with hashtags, social mentions and Google alerts. Once you decide on the personality that fits your niche market, reach out to that influencer and gauge their interest. Micro influencers can be compensated with shout outs, product giveaways or discounts, commission or a straight fee.
When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool that can dramatically increase sales conversions and brand loyalty. Micro influencers are your best bet for organic, meaningful connections with your high-end home brand consumers.

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