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Prospecting for New Investment and Wealth Management Clients

Your bank’s investment portfolio is managed with sound data, constant analysis and a proven strategy for success. Your bank’s marketing budget needs to be invested with the same rigor. Every dollar you spend attracting new clients should be guided by data, proven through real-time analysis and based on a solid, long-term acquisition strategy.



Before you look for your next prospects, start by assessing your current customers. The customers you have today can give you a wealth of actionable data to help recruit tomorrow’s customers. These are not just simple demographics—age, income, residence, family status—but psychographic and behavioral data as well. Our team uses a vast amount of data to understand consumer attitudes about the future, money, the economy, along with their hobbies, passions and much more.  By getting to know as much as possible about your best customers today, you can create a 3D profile of your best prospects that we can model to pinpoint future customers.



Any financial institution trying to attract a highly targeted audience such as high-net-worth individuals should have little interest in mass marketing. You can spend your budget far more wisely by using sophisticated modeling techniques to find new customers who match your current customers in the metrics that matter most. In that way, your marketing dollars can be allocated to reaching the audiences who are most likely to convert.


We have seen this work time and time again with financial clients. In one instance, one of our timber investment organization (TIMO) clients, had a need to sell a group of investment properties in a specific geography.  Using modeling techniques, we were able to laser-target several hundred highly affluent investors who fit the profile of likely prospects for these properties. That campaign yielded a 220% increase in the number of confidentiality agreements requested by potential buyers for the client and showed the power of a highly targeted campaign to a very narrow slice of  the population.



Since data and analysis give an extremely deep understanding of your best prospects, messaging strategy can be very powerful. The goal is to make all communications as personal and as relevant as possible, and deliver the messages in the platform where the message will be most appealing and most likely to be acted upon.

Talk to potential investors directly, on a one-to-one basis, making sure that every word and image matters.



Finally, let real-time results help you optimize your target, messages and media selection to drive the highest conversion rate.

Working with automated intelligence (AI), each campaign is monitored and adjusted constantly so that messages and media decisions can be improved and optimized for maximum return.

At Ramey, we believe that financial marketing needs to be held to the highest possible standard. We will be continuing this series about our precision approach to financial marketing, so make sure you are registered for our newsletter and check about more details at

Contact Michelle Hill at [email protected] with any questions or to learn more.

You may also be interested in gleaning additional insights from our CEO’s blog, where he recently unpacked some of the myths surrounding the affluent audience.

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