MLK Day: Observation and action.

Ramey observes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as an official holiday. But this isn’t just a day off. It is a day to remind ourselves of the important work left to do. So we encourage our employees to put their skills to work for the community. We believe that is the most meaningful way to honor Dr. King. 

Last year on MLK Day, we kicked off a branding project with our friends at Revitalize Mississippi. This relationship began when some of our team members spent their volunteer hours with Revitalize and their community partners to address the needs for flood control and healthy spaces in West Jackson. (It should be noted that every Ramey employee gets 40 volunteer hours per year in addition to paid time off). 


Inspired by their works in the community, Ramey awarded a Reach Higher Grant to Revitalize. This major in-kind donation allowed us to focus a larger group on Revitalize’s mission of transforming derelict properties into affordable housing and community spaces. Although we were ready to wield sledgehammers and operate heavy machinery, we are better equipped to work with marketing tools. So we created a new logo, home page and communication templates to help Revitalize bring a higher profile to their work. 


Please take a minute to learn more about Revitalize and consider donating to their very worthy cause. And if you want to pick up a sledgehammer, we can put you in touch with the right people.




This year, we’re honoring MLK Day by kicking off a new Reach Higher Grant with The Krewe of Red Beans in New Orleans. From COVID-19 relief to Hurricane Ida recovery, this dynamic group ensures that New Orleans’ beloved neighborhoods and culture-bearers are valued and supported through thick and thin. We are here for it. From Mardi Gras house floats to Feed The Second Line, learn more about (and donate to) their creative work to support creativity here. We can’t wait to share what’s to come. 

On this Martin Luther King Day, please take a look at your community and consider where you can help. To truly reach higher, we must all pitch in. Let’s do more. Together.

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