Hestan MasterBrand


Hestan saw an opportunity to shake up the category by establishing a brand that is forward thinking and brings true vision to everything from the commercial kitchen, residential indoor and outdoor appliances, cookware, Smart Cooking, even wine. Prior to launching any product, over $60 million has been invested in developing innovative technologies and kitchen products for the brand. Hestan is changing the category.


A spirit of restless innovation. Those are not just words, they are the foundation of every product and person that is part of Hestan.

Inside an old barn nestled in the Hestan Vineyards of Napa Valley, a collective of innovative chefs, vintners and engineers are reinventing the way we cook. From the molecular structure of cookware to the technique of cooking itself, Hestan is forging new culinary ground with thoughtful design and ceaseless passion.


Ramey developed a unified global brand strategy and executed an integrated communications plan to present the brand to the world. It began with the roll-out of the commercial kitchen, residential outdoor appliances and Hestan NanoBond Cookware quickly followed. In 2018, we launched Hestan Residential Indoor appliances. And this force in the culinary world is not slowing down.

With each launch, we capture the essence of the brand – a spirit of restless innovation.


The demand for Hestan continues to grow. Consumers continue to anxiously await the arrival of Hestan Indoor appliances in showrooms.

With each new product launch, it is clear that Hestan continues its disruption of the category.

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