Meet Ramey’s Content Delivery Team

Delivering content is what this group does best. When they aren’t out and about in Jackson or New Orleans, the Ramey Content Delivery Team is behind the keyboard creating media strategies to reach hyper-specific consumers with paid media. Their wealth of experience and insight reaching and engaging target audiences truly makes them an invaluable asset to both their clients and colleagues at Ramey.

Meet the team, from left to right:

In Nathan’s role as Analytics and Insights Coordinator, he oversees all reporting and analytics and enjoys diving into data to glean actionable insights to drive business decisions and growth.

Julie is a trusted Senior Media Buyer and knows traditional media like the back of her hand. She has experience on both the agency and client side buying and placing TV, radio and print, and building strong relationships with media organizations across the country. 

Our 2022 Spring/Summer Intern, Griffin Scudder, got a taste of the media buying world during his last semester at Millsaps College. Griffin helped build ad tags to traffic creative and worked closely with our analytics team using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

From creative to messaging strategies, Anne-Lauren helps our clients understand how to better engage their audiences. As Director of Engagement Strategy, she mines and leverages key insights and relevant industry trends to optimize action for all Ramey clients.

Coyt focuses on building winning relationships in the digital and social media realm and helps shape the way consumers think about brands along the path to purchase, and, even more so, influences how people experience the brand at every touchpoint.

Emily loves to use layered KPIs to establish growth, retention and engagement. As Director of Media + Strategy, she helps Ramey optimize budgets and harvest crucial end-of-campaign data and analysis.

Senior Media Planner/Buyer Lindsey attacks media buying and planning with a creative mentality – proactively thinking of new, innovative ways to deliver for her clients. She’s proof that creativity applies not only to asset creation but delivery of those assets, as well.

Eddie oversees the media team and strategy through-out the development of the marketing communications plan. He is a master at data-based, results-driven targeting and media strategy and has instilled those same skills in his team.

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