Insights & Collaboration with Designer Kerrie Kelly

Working in the high-end home category, we have the distinct pleasure of partnering with some of the greatest interior designers in the country. It’s always fulfilling for Ramey to align the right partners and strategic alliances for our clients. 

One such partner is none other than our dear friend Kerrie Kelly. Based in Sacramento, CA, Kerrie operates an award-winning design studio, where she leads a talented team of designers. She has served across many national organizations including American Society for Interior Designers and the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and partners with global brands including Hestan, Cosentino, and Sherwin Williams.  

“Working with Ramey has been a joy due to their commitment to creativity, strategic thinking, and seamless collaboration. I appreciate their ability to bring my design visions to life through effective communication and a shared dedication to creating compelling brand experiences. The camaraderie and genuine friendships cultivated while working with Ramey are invaluable to me. Beyond the creative collaboration, the atmosphere of mutual learning and the exchange of insights make our partnership not just professionally enriching but personally fulfilling.”

As a designer who partners with brands, Kerrie has experienced the benefit of having a strong relationship with a brand’s agency partner.

“It’s instrumental in ensuring a seamless and cohesive design narrative. It facilitates clear communication, shared vision, and a harmonious blend of creative ideas, allowing for the development of a brand experience that resonates authentically with the target audience. This collaborative synergy not only enhances the overall design process but also contributes to the success and longevity of the brand in the market. The lifelong friendships made along the way are an added bonus.”

With 2024 fast approaching, there are many trends we will see continue on from this year. However, what are you anticipating the design space will benefit from next year compared to the past?  

“Entering 2024, we’re witnessing exciting trends that breathe fresh life into residential and commercial spaces. Warm, inviting color palettes inspired by nature are taking center stage, emphasizing the “joy of living”, replacing the cooler tones of previous years. Sustainable and biophilic design principles are gaining momentum, infusing spaces with a sense of eco-conscious luxury, a departure from the sleek minimalism that dominated recent trends. It’s an era where comfort, sustainability, and a deep connection with the environment converge to redefine the aesthetic narrative of our living and working spaces.”

It’s clear that designers are taking sustainability seriously and actively seeking brands to specify that show their commitment to this effort. However, it’s clear that some brands are “stretching” to find ways to fit the mold. What is your perspective on this current trend?

“Designers are indeed prioritizing sustainability, and it goes beyond being a passing trend. The design community seeks authenticity in brands committed to eco-friendly practices, not just greenwashing. To truly stand out, brands should transparently communicate their sustainability journey, from sourcing to production, and emphasize innovation in creating products that are both environmentally conscious and unique, ensuring they contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of responsible design. It’s not about fitting a mold but about genuinely embracing a sustainable ethos that resonates with designers and consumers alike.”

Wellness is another hot topic. How do you see this being incorporated into the premium home space, and how has your own personal wellness journey inspired the way you think about design for your clients?

“In the premium home space, we’re witnessing a profound integration of wellness, where design goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize the overall well-being of the occupants. My personal wellness journey has significantly influenced this approach, leading me to make mindful choices in my own home. From upgrading our outdoor living area with a Hestan grill, sink and refrigerator, to replacing insulation, operable skylights and windows for energy efficiency, natural light and ventilation to crafting a dedicated Peloton room for personal comfort and vitality, wellness is at the forefront of my designs. Improving sleep quality became a priority with a Tempur-Pedic bed, and the integration of a Zip Water tap ensures access to filtered water, reflecting a holistic commitment to wellness that I strive to inspire in my clients’ homes as well.”

I know you have several exciting projects you are working on. Are you able to share any details about them?

Currently, I’m immersed in some truly exciting projects that showcase the convergence of design, innovation, and culinary excellence. One project that has my creativity flowing is the design of the new Hestan Napa store, a space where Hestan residential and commercial appliances, cookware, and wine come together, accented with chef-driven details. 

Simultaneously, as an NKBA national board member, I’m gearing up for KBIS 2024, where I’ll be launching new products in collaboration with my partners at Hestan, Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, and Feeney, Inc. 

Lastly, the anticipation is palpable as I prepare to moderate a thought-provoking interview with design industry icons Paco Cosentino, Stanley Cheng, and Laura Kohler at Cosentino’s CNext Designers event in Cabo. This is an event that promises to be a rich source of inspiration and insights for the design community. Each of these projects resonates with my passion for creating spaces, sharing brand stories and celebrating my partners’ product innovations, and I can’t wait to share the results with the world.

Thank you to Kerrie Kelly for her insights and continued collaboration with Ramey. The best is yet to come!

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