Just a year after launching its first consumer product with high-end grills, Hestan developed and launched a second grill line called Aspire by Hestan. Being from Hestan, Aspire offers innovative features unlike any other grill line but was able to be packaged at a slightly lower price point – allowing the line to be targeted to both the young and young at heart. After a few years in the market, it became clear that Aspire needed to have its own clearly identifiable brand in order to better connect with the intended target audience.


Grilling is, for many, a form of escape. Stepping outside, taking a deep breath, getting away. The new Aspire brand needed to evoke just that, while also finding a way to disrupt a very stagnant category. And as a plus, the new brand could really tie back to Hestan’s southern California roots.

80% year-over-year growth following consumer brand launch.

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