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4 Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

This post was written by the Upward Home team.
With 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to embrace the marketing trends that are going to increase engagement and revenue. These four trends are set to dominate the landscape next year and beyond.
1. Content Marketing. Next year, marketers will spend the most amount of money on creating original content. You need to tell your unique brand story through blogs, newsletters, social media, video and podcasts that can be consumed on any device. High-end consumers are plugged into their smartphones 24/7, and you need to deliver fresh content that is of a consistently high standard and at regular intervals. According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, 38% of marketers publish content at least once a week – and that number will rise in 2018.
2. Big Data and Analytics. The wealth of data that you receive from your high-end customers offers actionable insights that can assist you with predicting future spend in your niche. When we understand our historical data, we are empowered to make proactive marketing decisions. The Data determines where your marketing spend needs to be allocated, and highlights the successes and challenges of your campaigns.
3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Your website should reflect your brand identity, and high-end consumers expect a high-end experience. Incorporating live chat to your website can help efficiently disseminate your brand message while drastically improving customer service. These “chatbots” are governed by machine learning technology, so they learn and improve after every customer experience.
4. Mobile Marketing. Your website should already be mobile friendly, but next year you have to go beyond simple functionality – you need to give the consumer a unique experience. In 2018, the average consumer is predicted to spend 36 minutes a day watching video content on his or her mobile device. Which makes it no surprise that marketers are predicted to spend $18 billion on mobile video advertising.
These four trends set a solid foundation for your 2018 marketing strategies. As a high-end home brand, you have to connect with your audience where they are spending the most time – online and on their mobile devices. And as always, new trends and technologies will enter the playing field – like developing augmented reality – so make sure your team and strategy has the flexibility to adjust.

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