10,000 Hours with D’Artagnan Winford

When D’Artagnan began working at Ramey, we expected big things from him thanks to his impressive background as a designer. Little did we know we’d soon have an internationally-recognized portrait photographer on the team.

D’Artagnan was recently featured on The Portrait System Podcast, which features artists from around the world to discuss their work and inspire others. Unbeknownst to him, a colleague recommended D’Artagnan to host, Nikki Closser. She immediately fell in love with his work and invited him to join the show. Take a listen below.

Click the picture for a link to the podcast.

The work of Gordon Parks and Bryce Chapman have inspired D’Artagnan’s photography.  But it was commercial photographer Dean Bradshaw who gave him the confidence to pursue design and photography on a professional level. Make no mistake about it – D’Artagnan puts in the time to perfect his craft. As he says, it’s all about getting up to 10,000 hours. So the recognition from Portrait System and Essence Magazine are well-deserved. But the ever-humble D’Artagnan is honored to be featured – and we’re honored to work alongside him.


“I would say it’s my background in design and art directing that informs my photography. You’d think it was the other way around, but getting the composition right, creating negative space – it all comes from design.”


After joining Ramey in 2016, D’Artagnan quickly became a key cog in the creative department. From campaign design to product photography, he consistently delivers high-quality creative work for nearly all of our clients. Continually pushing himself and his peers has been key to his success, as well as Ramey’s growth. His toughest challenge so far?


“Definitely product photography with cookware. Dealing with the different textures and reflections, and getting the lighting just right. That photoshoot really gave me the confidence that I can photograph anything.”


Team Ramey’s in-house production capabilities have blossomed thanks to D’Artagnan’s inspiration and drive. When he isn’t behind the camera, he’s adding value somewhere else. Whether he’s mentoring other creatives on shoots, building professional light setups, or just being an all-around great guy, D’Artagnan always brings more to the team.


“Ramey is the perfect place to help hone my craft. Everyone is forward-thinking and very supportive. They encourage me and push me to grow as an artist.”


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