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What High-End Home Brands Can Learn From Luxury Social Media


Borrowing a page from their playbook may help improve your game.

Affluent consumers have a wide variety of passions – jewelry, fashion, art, cars and wine, to name a few – but one of their universal favorites is the home.  As a result, high-end home brands have a unique opportunity to connect with customers and prospects using a smart social media strategy.
Note that I say a “smart” social media strategy. Too many home brand marketers use social media simply because they think they have to. Or smother their fans and followers with sales messages instead of thoughtful engagement. That’s not social media. It’s more like anti-social media.
It doesn’t have to be like this. With some imagination and strategic thinking, your home brand has the potential to engage with affluent consumers and prospective customers in a more intentional way.
Reinforce a core brand value.
One of the core values of Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana is family. For several seasons, the company’s brand campaign has featured large, multi-generational Italian families in its marketing communications. The company’s crowd-sourced photo album, #DGFamily, was a smart, logical extension of the brand, allowing consumers to submit their own family photos and literally “be a part of the brand” across a variety of social media channels.
Increase interaction and engagement.
Champagne brand Moet & Chandon had a social media campaign, #MoetMoment, that invited consumers to share occasions worthy of celebration, such as weddings and sports celebrations. Even better, Moet awarded the best “moment” each week with a magnum of Moet Imperial. A grand prize winner will receive a three-liter jeroboam.
Drive loyalty from customers.
Department store chain Bloomingdales reached out to its customer base with a social media effort called #BloomieSelfie – which asked customers to submit a self-photo, along with a beauty tip that could be captured in the frame. Fans voted on submissions, thereby extending the campaign’s exposure even further.
These uses of social media are great thought-starters if you are looking for a better way to connect with your brand’s customers and prospects. Give some thought to how you might devise a social media campaign that “fits”  your brand and helps consumers share their passion for home. Some questions you may want to ask yourself or your team:

  • What ways can we tap into a consumer’s passion for his or her home?
  • How can we build a campaign that is “on brand?”
  • Is it integrated into the brand’s larger marketing communications?
  • Will the campaign increase engagement in an authentic way?
  • Can the campaign drive loyalty from existing customers and extend the fan base to aspirational consumers?

With a little strategy and imagination, you may be able to take your brand’s social media presence to the next level.

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