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sonnen, a global leader in energy management and storage solutions, saw an opportunity to target California residents plagued with electricity interruptions from rolling blackouts scheduled in response to wildfires. sonnen’s smart battery backup product provides peace of mind in the face of potential interruptions and a cleaner, safer and smarter alternative to generators. The challenge was to reach residents in areas most impacted who could more likely afford a $10K+ solution, and get them interested in and trusting a brand they’d never heard of.


Messaging spoke to customer pain points and leveraged rebates and tax credits available in California to create interest and a sense of urgency. Pinpoint-targeting was used to deliver that messaging to relatively affluent homeowners in targeted geographic areas, delivering a quick-turn Lead Gen campaign aimed at connecting sonnen and its preferred installers with warm leads for follow-up.


Using Ramey’s in-house direct buying capabilities, we deployed search, email and display. Monitoring and optimizing the campaign in real time ensured that we spent every dollar reaching the right prospects – those most likely to convert – with the right message.

29 x $10k.

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