A world leader in energy storage and management, sonnen was seeking to grow its U.S. business through the sales of ecoLinx – an innovative energy management and storage system designed to create the ultimate smart home. The challenge was how to find and generate awareness and interest among highly affluent, eco-conscious consumers without the benefit of existing market experience or purchase data to build from.


To meet aggressive sales goals for a premium, high-involvement purchase in a new market, we knew developing a predictive model that could identify the very best prospects was essential to compress the path to purchase. Finding who those best prospects were was possible by implementing a test campaign and analyzing the data from it to uncover the customer profile of those most likely to engage based on lifestyle, demographic and geographic data.


Making some assumptions about relevant lifestyle behaviors that could signify interest combined with demographic data, including minimal HHI or net worth thresholds, Ramey set out to build a predictive model of sonnen’s best prospects while also testing message directions.


In as little as 30 days in market, the test campaign generated significant engagement among a very affluent, hard-to-reach audience. With this data, Ramey built a predictive model made up of lifestyle, demographic and geographic data that sonnen can use to pinpoint most likely early adopters for their ecoLinx product in the U.S.

10k+ to Site in 30 Days
Predictive Model with 1.5x Lift
Over 5 min. Average Time on Site

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