Mississippi Museum of Art Fundraising Campaign

Mississippi Museum of Art Fundraising Campaign

The Mississippi Museum of Art had plans to not only build a new museum, but also to fulfill a new vision for what the museum could mean to the community. Of course, this would require some serious fundraising.


The proposed museum would literally and figuratively tear down the perceived walls between the state’s premier art museum and the surrounding neighborhood. Inviting architecture, public green spaces, a restaurant and a free gallery all promised to become a cultural cornerstone of the community.


Instead of designing an appropriately glossy brochure to convey the museum plans to high-stakes donors, Ramey commissioned art to embody the museum experience. Pearl River Glass (which would later create stunning glass features for the fully funded museum) etched stained glass with an architectural rendering of the museum, evoking the “museum without walls” vision. These pieces not only served as objets d’art, but as box lids for vessels containing all the facts and plans for the new museum.


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