C Spire Fiber vs. the Competition

C Spire Fiber vs. the Competition


Choosing an internet provider is not as easy as it seems. Competing technologies – satellite, DSL, cable, broadband, fiber – and competing marketing can confuse even savvy consumers. Claims about speed, bandwidth and cost are all moving targets. Even so-called “broadband products” are not all created equal. Added to that, many providers bundle enhanced TV or VOIP offerings that make packages difficult to compare.


Rather than use the kind of flowery marketing language many competitors favored, we relied on simple numbers and clear comparisons that cut through the clutter. At the time, the speed of our client’s fiber was 100X faster than the average internet connection, so we used that statistic heavily. Marketing also talked about the benefits of greater bandwidth for streaming on multiple devices at once. We even used an unexpected national news story about other providers selling data about users’ search activities to talk about respect for privacy. By letting the facts speak for themselves, we gave consumers a clear choice.


Since 2014, our client’s fiber sales have exceeded goals year after year. The company now has over 9,000 miles of fiber installed throughout Mississippi with more on the way. Even when AT&T introduced a rival fiber product in several markets that was clearly inferior, our reliance on simple facts gave consumers a clear preference for C Spire.

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