BankPlus Wealth Management: Archie Manning

BankPlus Wealth Management: Archie Manning

For over 10 years, BankPlus enjoyed a marketing partnership with Archie and Eli Manning. While the relationship started in support of retail banking, it soon became clear that the BankPlus Wealth Management Group could benefit from the visibility and goodwill the Mannings could provide.


In Mississippi, Archie Manning has always been beloved, but in recent years, he has grown into the role of elder statesman—someone who can bring people together and give sage advice as a trustworthy father, grandfather and friend. In short, he would be the perfect spokesperson for the Wealth Management Group, as a living example of its core values.


A thoughtful television campaign let Archie be Archie. Rather than ask him to “sell” anything, Ramey filmed Archie speaking words of wisdom. The result felt more like moments of reflection than typical advertising, which was the perfect way to underscore the investment philosophy of the BankPlus Wealth Management Group.


By leveraging Archie’s strengths with our target audience, the campaign helped the Wealth Management Group accelerate its track record of growth with record funds under management.

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