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Addy Awards

addyWell, Ramey had a terrific night at Friday’s award show. The kudos were spread to nearly every client whose work was submitted.

• BankPlus Eli Manning TV won two golds and the coveted Best in Show – Broadcast.
• Eli’s dad, Archie, won a Silver award for his BankPlus TV (the Mannings will have to work that out).
• The MDA Blues Roadtrip Box won a Gold and a special Judges Choice award.
• Women’s Fund “Fact Not Fiction” hauled in Golds both for the overall campaign and for the cool internet game.
Mississippi Children’s Home Services won a Silver and a special Judges Choice award.
• And finally, Viking won a Silver for the D3 microsite.

Winning this much stuff takes a village — hats off to everyone who touched this work in any way.

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