2015 Super Bowl Ads in Review

2015 Super Bowl Ads in Review

2015 Super Bowl Ads in review

This year’s Super Bowl commercials seemed like a competition of who could produce the most tears. Problem is, I don’t like to cry when I’m watching large helmeted men bash each other. Here are my top 10 spots and 2 bottom feeders.



Top 10 [The Good]

1. Fiat 500X [Crossover Viagra] –  Funniest spot. They get extra bonus points since the car is so mediocre. It’s about time someone got the natural male enhancement joke right.

2. Dodge [100 Years old] – Nice twist with 100 year old people selling Challengers to testosterone-challenged young men. Style points for originality.

3. Always [#likeagirl] – In a Super Bowl full of emotional commercials, Always sent the most meaningful, life-changing message.

4. Microsoft [Braylon] – Ok, they got me. Leg prosthetics are not new, but the kid was great.

5. Weight Watchers [Take Back Control] –  A really smart, relevant message.  Made me want to stop eating my chips and dip. Didn’t work.

6. Squarespace [OM] – The Dude abides for Squarespace. Not that it made me care about squarespace, but you can’t have too much Jeff. Ever.

7. McDonald’s [Pay With Lovin’] –  A brilliant way for McDonald’s to distract us from their food.

8. Carnival Cruise [The Sea] – An incredibly noble commercial for an industry famous for dicey kitchens and toilets that back up.

9. Dove Men [Plus Care] – Makes me want to be a sensitive man who bathes regularly.

10. Nissan [With Dad] –  Nascar driver isn’t a good dad. Hmmm… makes ad copywriter dads look a lot better.

Bottom 2 [The Bad and The Ugly]
1. Esurance [Sorta Mom] – Awkard Lindsay Lohan appearance. Felt like I was looking at a ghost.

2. Doritos [Middle Seat] – Guy on plane emulates exactly what is wrong with society today. Brand in search of a soul.

bio_bpotesky_tnBob Potesky, Partner/Executive Creative Director at The Ramey Agency